Leah became a member of the team, supporting us at Waterfit. She did more than “publish the numbers”, helping me personally to understand what was driving them and to analyse any anomalies.


Leah worked remotely with the Waterfit team providing support to us by telephone email and so on. She helped us to keep control of our costs through insight and understanding.


Leah is a valuable person to have on your team.

Robert Ewels, Managing Director, Waterfit Ltd

Leah was my financial support when I was Managing Director of Waterfit.


Leah did a great job of improving the presentation of our financial information as well as being the principal financial person in the Company's AGM.


Leah's analysis of information revealed the story behind the numbers, a skill that would make her invaluable to a small business person wanting to understand their financial position in words they will follow without learning a new language.

Simon Boyes, Managing Director, Waterfit Ltd

Leah is an excellent accountant that can really look beyond the numbers and grasp how a business such as mine operates.


She has proven to be invaluable over the years and I have no hesitation writing this recommendation.

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