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The Customer Life Cycle

Customer Life Cycle when Purchasing a Product or Service


This is the stage in the customer lifecyle where they become aware of your business. Your Marketing Activities are bringing attention to your business.

Key Point to remember is :

You need to be in the RIGHT PLACE with the RIGHT MESSAGE at the RIGHT TIME


This is when the customer starts looking into your business. This is typically done through your website.

You must ensure that your content is ACCURATE and APPEALING at this stage.

You must make sure that website is focus on the wants and needs of your customers, and never underestimate the importance of word of mouth.

The best way to do this is to encourage your customers to leave feedback, be it on social media, google ad, website etc.


This is the point in the cycle that your customer has decided that they want to work with you, and are looking at the options available.

This is when they will be looking for the reviews from previous customers, this is called Social Proof.


The customer has made the decision to move forward with one of your options.

You need to make sure that you have the right processes in place so the customer doesn’t drop off the cycle.

Where possible automation works best, if you are selling products, you want order confirmations in place, and shipment updates.

For services, you need a good onboarding process, to ensure clients are aware of where they are in the process of working with you.

Customer Relationship

Once you have gone through the previous parts of the cycle you need to maintain effective customer service to ensure that you have a good customer relationship.

You need to ensure that the customer has a positive experience of their purchases and overall company.

A negative experience may prevent customers from re-purchasing.

There are technologies available to track all the information regarding the customer.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manages and analyses customer interactions and data through the customer lifecycle.


This is when a customer turns into a repeat customer.

Customers are loyal due to previous experience, which is why it is essential to provide excellent level of customer service at each stage of the lifecycle.

Examples of Effective Methods

  1. Follow up Emails

  2. Special Offer Emails

  3. Marketing Campaigns on Social Media

  4. Targeted messages to current customers

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